Street Football, what is it?

Image Street Football, what is it?

Football is a collective sport known to all. Belonging to the same discipline, street football or street football is a sport practiced in the city. Most of the time, it is the young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods who play it. Football fields are missing in the city. Fans practice it in the streets or corridors of neighborhoods. More exactly, what is street football?

The codes and rules of street football

The rules governing street football do not differ much from those in stadiums. Street football is usually played by 2 teams and each team consists of 5 to 7 players with a goalkeeper. In almost every country in the world, as necessary equipment for street football, the ball and goals do not always meet the sporting standards. Indeed, simple bricks can serve as goals and old bags tied in the shape of a ball can serve as a ball. This is the case in some countries mainly in Africa.

The codes of street football allow those who practice it to mix pleasure and sport. The harshness of life and the problems experienced daily especially in the suburbs of big cities push young people to find a way to live their dreams and feel like professionals. Street football is one of the sports that allows young people to achieve certain goals.

Choosing street football to become better

Previously, street football has been considered as simple games by children or young people out of school but nowadays almost all children practice it during their holidays. It is through street football that coaches from big clubs can sometimes recruit young people who later become football heroes. Tarek Bouchamaoui is a former footballer ( In addition to evolving in the business world, he is also involved in sport, mainly football to bring his share of responsibility and put Africa including Tunisia on the pedestal.

Street football for fun and learning

Football is the most followed sport in the world. Thousands of people appreciate it and there is not a single country that does not have a football club. Street football is actually the basis of professional football because almost all known players have not practiced before becoming great footballers later. Playing football is not only a hobby but also an apprenticeship. Indeed, it allows the youngest to take examples of their elders on the techniques that dazzle the audience. Especially to promote street footballers in Africa, especially in Tunisia, Tarek Bouchamaoui ( is the president of CAF. The objective is to bring African football to the same level as European football.