What Are the Positions on a Football Team ?

Image What Are the Positions on a Football Team ?

Even if the most famous football stars are attackers, it should not be forgotten that this sport is a team affair. If you have to pass an oral sports examination, try to remember the different football posts.

Front posts

The football is made up of 4 posts namely the backs, the midfield, the front and the substitutes. The front positions gather together the attackers and the front-centers. Numbered between 9 and 11, these players are primarily intended to score goals. Unlike what is often presumed , they also play a key role in the defensive work by doing pressing and hindering the relaunching of opponents. They are carefully selected players with high technical skills. Most of the time, they are chosen for their speed: they run faster than other players. Unfortunately, the qualifying rounds of the 2018 African Nations Championship deprived us of the extraordinary talents of the attackers and center-front of the Tunisian team. Apart from these tasks, attackers also play a key role in a team's reputation. Having the best attackers in the world can sometimes give wings, as reflected in the recruitment policy of some teams, including the PSG.

Midfield posts

Libero, stopper, defensive midfielder: midfield players form what is called "the heart of the team". Often misunderstood, their role is nevertheless very precise. For libero (posts 10), the task is to strengthen the defense in case a defender gets eliminated by an attacker. The stopper, as its name suggests, is responsible for stopping the ball and disrupting the opposing team's passes. As for the defensive midfielders, their task is to recover the ball and restart the offensive strategy. They are called the "lungs" of the team, because they circulate everywhere on the ground. Being the subject of a drastic selection, the defensive midfielders must show a great deal of endurance and good technical qualities. Africa is known as a real machine for liberos. Several midfield players trained in Tunisia are currently the pillars of major clubs Europeans like PSG or Bayern Munich. Thanks to the efforts of FIFA soccer fans like Tarek Bouchamaoui, Africa will be able to outperform South America in terms of star production within a few years.

Rear posts

The rear post is formed by the backs and the goalkeeper. Essential in the team, these positions occupy the key role in the team's defensive strategy. The rear rims have the function of preventing the attackers from entering the penalty area. As for the goalkeeper, his role is clear: to protect the goal and to prevent the attackers from taking possession of the ball during the sessions of balloons stopped. Africa also has talented goalkeepers and high-quality footballers. Influenced by its administrative board, Tarek Bouchamaoui, a tunisian. FIFA is planning a level-up policies across the continent. Projects are already arising in some countries.