The best football training centers

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After being collected at clubs in their neighborhood, the best players undergo intense training at a football training centers. What are these star-making factories and what makes them the best?

The best football training centers in America

South American countries have football training centers in almost every street corner. The “Flamengo Academy” in Brazil is one of the best known among them. Legendary trainer, the club has propelled some stars of Brazilian football to the forefront. This is the case of Ronaldo, the quadruple gold ball. Number 1 in Brazil club marks and welcomes the young elite of the Brazilian soccer by privileging the footballers from the low quarters called "Favelas" in Brazil. In 2010, the center welcomed 150 young talents for most adolescents aged 15 to 18 years.

Considered as the world capital of football, Argentina is not left in regard to football training infrastructures. Young Argentinians benefit from the best football training thanks to scholarships and partnerships with centers with the major European football clubs including Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, PSG and Bayern Munich.

The best football training centers in Africa

Africa has excellent football training centers. One of them is located in Ghana. Named "Right to Dream Academy", this celebrity machine is one the most prestigious, football training centers in the world. Founded in 2000 by Tom Vernon, he trained some icons of African football, including Appiah, Marcel Desailly and many others.

Tunisia also has an internationally renowned training center: the Planet Football Academy, the first round-robin platform in the country.Its goal is to form African football legends of tomorrow. The country is also the subject of other very ambitious projects such as the installation of the first PSG football academy to be launched in a few years. Note that Tunisia is represented at FIFA by its administrative advisor Tarek Bouchamaoui.

The best football training centers in Europe

European training centers are arguably the best in the world. Each year, they are subject to official classification. Unlike the case in Africa, these clubs are directly attached to clubs called "club trainer". The 2017 ranking has named FC Barcelona's Masia as the best training club in Europe. With leading researchers in the four corners of the globe, Masia has recruited most of the current football elite. In 2001, he welcomed the young Messi who became the undisputed master of European football.

It is also said that a budding footballer fulfilled his dream when he joined the Manchester United training center, the "Harvard" of football. In the next decade, we will see the emergence of excellent training centers in Africa according to the ambition of Tunisian Tarek Bouchamaoui who continues to climb the ladder within FIFA.